Colors in Darkness was created to showcase offerings in the genres of Horror, Paranormal and Dark Fantasy by diverse creators. As a reader of those genres, it was not easy to locate works that contain persons of various races and nationalites. Yet, here you will find a collection of works from the truly macabre to the subtle fear, from the ominious dread of the psychological stalker to the taboo enticement of  the growling shifter!


Every month we will have spotlights and over time I expect this resource to grow. So step inside and enjoy!





Now Available!!!

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Some deals are too good to be true and some deals cost way more than you could ever pay! That shady guy with the thousand watt grin...he is more than willing to make a deal. Are you willing?
Coming soon, the latest Colors in Darkness Anthology possess 13 stories of horror, tragedy and wonder! 

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