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Here you will find a listing of works that deal in the spooky, scary, imaginative and dark. Some are by CiD authors and some are not but every tale carries some measure of bite.  What is your flavor? We have many!


* Gray- Colors in Darkness Anthologies 

* Gold- Historical and Southern Gothic                                    * Purple- Paranormal and Shape Shifters

* Red- Urban Horror and Thrillers                                            * Green- Extreme Horror and Zombies

* Blue- Ghost Stories and the Craft                                            * Teal- Supernatural/Paranormal Romance & Erotica                       


Deadly Bargain eCover  FINAL DRAFT.jpg

Madame Lilly Series 

Down by the Sea.jpg
If it Bleeds.jpg
Deaths Dreams.jpg
The Crawlspace.jpg

Joliet Sisters Psychic Detectives Mystery Series

The Containment Series

The LaShaun Rousselle Mystery Series

The Sin Eaters Series

Brookwater's Curse Series

Crimson Hunter.jpg
A Queens Pride.jpg
Dragon Lore and Love.jpg
Moment Before Midnight.jpg

Alexis Wolfe Trilogy

The Winged Warrior Series


The Death and Destiny Series


The Brothers that Bite Series

Kraken's Prey.jpg
A Wolf's Hunt.jpg
A Licentious Storm.jpg