Flash Frankenstein Challenge

In April 2016, Colors in Darkness sponsored a Flash Fiction Challenge for a re-imagining of the Frankenstein tale. Writers were invited to submit their 250 word, raw and unedited intros giving their spin on the classic monster. Over seven entries were collected but the winning entry, posted below was submitted by Chanel Harry. All of the tales were unique, rich with diverse voices and characters. To read them, you may have to come on over to the Facebook group ( Colors in Darkness ), but in the mean time, Dread Frankie would like to present Chanel's winning entry! Warning: It's scary!

Elysium by Chanel Harry

My wife was beautiful, her ebony skin radiant and smooth like onyx stone. Her hair curly, and coily was the smell of almond milk and Morrocan Oil. Her pregnancy however made her extra beautiful and I was in awe of her Goddess like ways. Nothing could prepare me for her and my child's death. Her and my daughter died on the cold, bloody slab in the Doctor's room. He came out in the waiting room telling me that my wife died in childbirth and my daughter died soon after. I cried and cursed God for taking my true love away from me. I cried and cursed...GOD....God. I could be God...I could bring them back...God...I have created life before in my laboratory, I can create life again and be God. My baby and my wife lay inside the murky gestational fluid that I put them in, waiting for them to arise from the life serum I have injected into their lifeless bodies in place of their blood. I waited and waited but nothing until I saw bubbles coming from the gestational waters that my baby lied in. I quickly reached inside and pulled the crying child from the waters. She was here! My child was alive. My wife however, never stirred. My child cried wanting sustenance, but she wanted no milk, I picked her mother out of the waters and put the baby near her breasts. To my horror my baby clawed at my deceased wife eating her breasts and drinking her blood from her chest cavity.

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