CiD Winner of the 'Create a Stalker/Slasher' Challenge

Over on the Facebook group for Colors in Darkness we occasionally have challenges and contests. Last month the theme was 'Stalkers and Slashers.' While a good many movie recommendations and references to the theme were thrown about, at the end of June a challenge was thrown down. Members were told to come up with an original fiend to add to the likes of Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers and the great haunting phantoms of canon. The winner of the contest and an Amazon gift certificate was Sy Shanti, incorporating an image, a poem and a bit of narrative. Here is his entry!!

(Note: Unedited and raw)

Title: Jack and the Box Killer’s Name: Jack-O-Box Jack was a boy with a very young soul, Who met his demise at 20 years old, They put him in a box and buried him alive, As poor Jack was yelling and screaming inside, But there in that grave, Jack didn’t stay, When the undertaker dug him up the very next day, He opened the coffin but didn’t find the boy, Just music playing you would find in a toy, So listen if you dare, to the sounds from his box, Because Jack’O will appear, when the music stops In the small town of Shepard’s Flock North Dakota, there lived a master craftsman still trapped in the playful mindset of youth named Jackie “Jack'O” Boxleitner was a 20-year-old. He worked at his foster parent’s funeral home doing various duties and maintenance. But his most favorite task was making caskets. Being somewhat of a prankster, Jack found the perfect project to build, a Jack-in-the-Box coffin to scare folks at the town’s April Fool’s Day fair next week. Jack worked hard designing the coffin and even attached a huge crank on the side that turned and played creepy toy box music. The final step was constructing a scary mask and giving his prank a test run. Mr. Steward’s viewing was that night, the town’s tyrant whose two sons were proudly caring on his tradition. Like he has done many times before, Jack’s father entrusted him to handle the viewing for the family while he and his wife went out. Mr. Steward’s two sons and grieving widow arrived at the funeral home and was greeted by Jack’s strange creation on display at the front of the adjoining church. The three curiously approached the coffin, the eerie music played as the crank turned. Suddenly, the coffin door sprung open and Jack leaps out screaming, “I’m the Jack-O Box!”. Terrified, Mrs. Steward grabs her heart and falls, Jack laughs. One of the Steward boys rushes to his mother’s side as the other pummels Jack. Jack’s childlike reasoning didn’t allow him to see how inappropriate his “prank” was. Mrs. Steward died at the hospital. The police concluded it was a stupid accident and let Jack go. The Steward boys and most of the town’s people were furious. Later that night, a mob formed and grabbed Jack still wearing his mask, threw him in his coffin and buried him alive. The next morning when Jack’s parents came home and heard the news, they dug him up, they heard music but his body wasn’t there. No one was charged for Jack’s death since there was no body found, and those who knew anything were remaining silent. But shortly after that came a rash of unexplained deaths, starting with one of the Steward boys and his girlfriend. The town was in a panic and there began whispers throughout the town of the eerie music from Jack’s coffin being heard at night…just before he appears to take his revenge. -Sy Shanti

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