Author Spotlight: M. T. Harrte

Colors in Darkness would like to welcome author, M.T. Harrte to the interview chair. Here we love to delve deeper than the surface, past the product and into the mind of the creators. M.T. joins us to answer a few questions, to give us a peek into her process and to discuss her paranormal craft!

CID: Welcome M.T.!

M.T.: Hello world!!! I’m M. T. Harrte and I live and breathe books. From a very young age I developed a DEEP, insane, rather-be-reading-than-eating attitude towards the written word. Between being a mother, working full-time, and running a coaching business for other authors, I still manage to find time to write what I love.

CID: Tell us about your latest work and what inspired you to write it?

M.T.: I’ve recently re-branded my Alexis Wolfe Trilogy which is where it ALL started. I wanted a more professional look and feel so I invested the time and money to make that happened. I was ultimately inspired by L. A. Banks and J. R. Ward. I love characters who bite and alpha women, thus Alexis Wolfe was born.

CID: How long have you been writing professionally?

M.T.: Since 2012

CID: Are you Self-published/ Indie or both?

M.T.: Both, I started out being self-published, then I had a contemporary romance novel published (with a publisher). I now have my own business and I publish my own novels (because I have control issues.)

CID: What time of day is your favorite to write?

M.T.: Anytime really. I get it in when and where I can.

CID: Do you have a muse? If so, does your muse have a name?

M.T.: Ummmmmm not really. I just listen to the voice who shouts the loudest.

CID: Who is the author that inspired you the most?

M.T.: L. A. “freaking” Banks. L. A. Banks is and always be my BIGGEST inspiration. Her Vampire Huntress series made me realize that POC could be characters in paranormal books. She kind of gave me permission to be “weird”. I also loved how she mixed reality and paranormal with a HOST of different religions. Unfortunately she has passed on, but her work still speaks to me.

CID: What types of books do you like to read in your free time?

M.T.: Everything lol. No, seriously…everything. I’ve recently read all of the Harry Potter books, and now I’m finishing up a book from the Game of Thrones Series.

CID: What is your favorite book?

M.T.: This has to be a trick question lol.

CID: Do you feel like interest is growing for paranormal/horror/speculative works by and about POCs?

M.T.: Absolutely. What I truly love is…there’s no shortage of authors creating quality work in this genre…the issue is visibility.

CID: Hollywood comes knocking on your door and would like to make a film of one of your works. They give you the authority to cast the Protagonist and the Supporting Character. Which book do you select and which characters do you select and why?

M.T.: I feel like an athlete right now…I’ve been training for this moment lol. I would of course choose the Alexis Wolfe Trilogy. Danai Gurira would be cast as Alexis, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be Mason, and Roman Reigns would be Palo.

CID: Who are your favorite authors?

M.T.: L. A. Banks is my all time favorite

CID: Do you write to music? If so, what artists and styles?

M.T.: NO. It’s distracting for me.

CID: What is your favorite scary film?

M.T.: Hmmm this is a tough one. All of the Chuckie films used to scare the crap out of me.

CID: If you could be any type of supernatural creature what would you be?

M.T.: Werewolf!!!

CID: Tell us about your next project:

M.T.: Right now I’m working on the third and final book of the Alexis Wolf Trilogy. After that…I have to see which voice screams the loudest, but I want to work on this novel involving a necromancing teenager.

Colors in Darkness would like to thank M.T. Harrte for sharing her inspirations, insight and magic! For further info, check her out below!

Author Website:

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Goodreads Page:

Twitter Handle: mtharrte


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