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Author Interview: Lance Oliver Keeble

This fine evening, Colors in Darkness would like to welcome author, Lance Oliver Keeble to our interview chair. Here we love to delve deeper than the surface, past the product and into the mind of the creators. Mr. Keeble joins us to answer a few questions, to give us a peek at his work space where he writes thrilling supernatural tales and to chuckle!

Lance Oliver Keeble resides in Los Angeles, Ca. He has worn many hats, including Firefighter. He's been an author most his life. Lance developed a love for books and creativity at a very young age and his passion hasn't waned. Lance has appeared in various anthologies, books, and periodicals including a superhero comic that is in several magazines. Lance Oliver Keeble's current work is a Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action Novel titled Globes Disease.

CID: Welcome Lance!! Tell us about your latest work and what inspired you to write it?

LOK: Globes Disease is a novel about lycanthropes told from the Werewolves perspective. A multi-ethnic, multi-sexual group is trapped in a town with a government agency promising a cure, a vengeful vampire and hunters that treat them like wild game. This group of people has to ban together to survive or suffer and die alone.

The original idea was written in 1985 as a short story. Like many people, life got in the way and in 2004, I wasn’t happy with the lack diversity in the Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy and Horror genres. I committed to expanding the story and expanding the characters and ended up with an ensemble cast and 5 novellas. After a lot of rejections, I was advised to combine the books into a novel and from there came the challenges of editing and continuity. The lure of traditional publishing was there but I wasn’t willing to narrow the perspective, so I self-published.

CID: How long have you been writing professionally?

LOK: Published or Paid? (Laughing) Published- 1990 Paid-2016

CID: Are you Self-published/ Indie or both?

LOK: Self-published.

CID: What time of day is your favorite to write?

LOK: The mornings but I write all day. I text myself, email, sync docs. I used to write on post-its, napkins, receipts etc. (Smile) Technology saved my sanity.

CID: Do you have a muse? If so, does your muse have a name?

LOK: All those friggin voices in my head! The loudest ones I am forced to listen to.

CID: Who is the author that inspired you the most?

LOK: Edgar Allen Poe…

CID: What types of books do you like to read in your free time?

LOK: Any book that I don’t put down before the first chapter, in some cases the first 3 pages. After which I will ready anything. My reading speed varies. A friend a few years ago gave me Joseph Campbell’s "A Heroes Journey." I’ve been reading that off and on since I got it. I zipped through George Clinton’s bio and now I am reading Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor, and I do a chapter here or there but I’m close to the end. I am also reading Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club 2 (comic book).

CID: What is your favorite book?

LOK: Har!!! Lets just go with books that come to me from the top of my head, "On a Pale Horse" by Piers Anthony, "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss, "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" by Homer, "Enders Game" by Orson Scott Card, "My Name is Black" by Joe Nazel, the Wolverine mini series by Frank Miller, "Interview with a Vampire" & "Queen of the Damned" by Anne Rice, the Thomas Covenant series by Stephen R. Donaldson, "Black Kiss" by Howard Chaykin, "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Poe…(we’ll be here all day, laughing)!

CID: Do you feel like interest is growing for paranormal/horror/speculative works by and about POCs?

LOK: I think the interest has always been there, they are just now coming out of the closet…Laughing…I was one of the first kool geeks. I played Dungeons and Dragons, video games, organized sports, was in plays, a band, dated and had a car…Most of us didn’t have that back in the day. But trust, you talk to any POC, from my homies, from my old neighborhood to professionals, and they all dug Godzilla and Speed Racer and comic books Star Wars, etc.…It’s just when all you read and see are people who don’t look like you or that you can’t relate to you, you lose interest or go to something familiar. Like Rap and Hip Hop culture.

I love the diversity of the genre now, but I hate the segregation of it by Traditional/Mainstream… It breaks my heart to see literary classics and prolific authors in the same section as Street Fiction, Urban Reads and the like, just cause I am a POC doesn’t mean I don’t have a similar voice to those Persons of No Color. Laughing. I just think not only should everyone be in the sections they write, whether its Pulp or Romance, and the representation should be equal as well…

There is some awesome stuff out there that readers who love a certain genre or demographic are not getting a chance to choose from, that’s not fair to readers…I love Superhero movies; the good ones and the bad ones, Blade saved Marvel's ass and Iron Man jettisoned them to a new level, but where is Blade 4? Why did it take so long to get Power Man and Black Panther to the forefront? Mind you I am not complaining, I am just an impatient fan boy.

CID: Hollywood comes knocking on your door and would like to make a film of one of your works. They give you the authority to cast the protagonist and the supporting character. Which book do you select and which characters do you select and why?

LOK: Well I only have the one published book thus far and at this point; the others are on their way. First my story wouldn’t make as good a movie as it would a series, like the Sopranos or Game of Thrones, too many characters to explore. Too many protagonists, but I do have a great character in mind for Carl Weathers. I met him, friggin amazing awesome dude. Sorry geek moment.

CID: Who are your favorite authors?

LOK: Some of my favorite authors include; Joe Nazel, Nnendi Okorafor, Orson Scott Card, Stephen King, Stephen R. Donaldson, Piers Anthony, Anne Rice, Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes, Chuck Palahniuk, John Byrne, Frank Miller, Howard Chaykin, Dwayne McDuffie, Edgar Allen Poe, Homer & Dr. Seuss…

CID: Do you write to music? If so, what artists and styles?

LOK: Yes. It depends on the mood I’m in or what is needed for the work. For the second book (the prequel to Globes Disease) my playlist included: Queens of the Stone Age, Marilyn Manson, Ice Cube, Eminem, ACDC, Awolnation, Alice Cooper, Foo Fighters, Busta Rhymes, Fishbone, Jimi Hendrix. Each piece is different. I am writing a Super Hero story for an anthology right now and I’m so into it, I find myself writing with no sounds or TV, and to the opposite when the TV is on, music playing, kid playing, wife talking, in traffic, at the store, that’s pretty awesome when I am like that, because nothing can distract me and nothing can stop me from finishing.

Some pieces as an author you can be more delicate about. I have had times when I couldn’t write something unless it was by hand or on the desktop or the laptop…finicky authorship…(laughing)

CID: Could we get a peek at the place were the magic happens?


CID: What is your favorite scary film?

LOK: Nothing scares me anymore, but I LOOOOOVE, Aliens, the Thing (1982), American Werewolf in London and I was very impressed with the Sixth Sense.

CID: If you could be any type of supernatural creature what would you be?

LOK: A Demi-God orphan…

CID: Tell us about your next project:

LOK: I’ve written a music video script, waiting to see if I get to if I will be writing more and when they will be filmed. I am writing a superhero prose using public domain characters. I did another one already for Black Power: The Superhero Anthology! Titled Nikia the Pandora. Organized by Balogun Ojetade. Both are coming out in December. I am looking for an editor from my second novel manuscript, an artist for a completed graphic novel script and an artist for a children’s book manuscript I’ve completed.

CID: We'd like to thank Lance for joining us today and highly encourage you to check out his work! Click on the cover to see more and purchase the book!

Lance will be making several appearances, stop by and pay him a visit!!!

August 18th, 2016 Book Signing at the Barnes and Noble in the Grove, The Grove, 189 The Grove Dr K 30, Los Angeles, CA 90036

August 20th, 2016 The 10th Annual, Leimert Park Village Book Fair, in Los Angeles, CA

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