Author Interview: Sylvester Barzey

Who is Sylvester Barzey? Well, he is a father, a husband, a soldier, and an "Anything Goes HORROR" writer! What does "Anything Goes HORROR" entail? * Missing Children * Deadly Wives * Haunted Baby Rattles * A LOT OF DEAD BODIES! * Vampires That Don't Sparkle & Don't Believe In Dating Their Food Source! Would You Date A Cow? * Werewolves * Zombies (A Whole Lot Of F#@king Zombies) * Oh & Some Bad Words. He writes what he wants and does what he likes and what he likes is HORRIFYING! Colors in Darkness first became aware of his work with the release of "Planet Dead." Bursting onto the scene with a tale of zombies and strong female protagonists, Mr. Barzey was an enigma before, but not anymore!

Tell us about your latest work and what inspired you to write it?

Wow, I’ve got a few things going right now. I have two tie-ins for my Zombie-Apocalypse Series, Planet Dead, the titles are Planet Dead: The Briggs Boys and Planet Dead: The Ballad Of Tennessee. But currently a lot of my focus is on the YA series that my wife and I are working on, it’s called The Realm.

It surrounds a young girl named Essence who finds out there is a whole other magical world separate from our own world. Not only is this world filled with magic, but there are vampires, werewolves and creatures far to dark and dangerous for our world.

Essence has to decide if she wants to help the three strange new boys in her high school, save The Realm from an all out war that only she can see coming, because Essence is the latest descendent in a long line of reincarnated prophets. So most of my time is spent plotting that and world building with my wife...haha when we’re not chasing my son around. How long have you been writing professionally?

I think it will be one year next month. It’s been a pretty wild ride and I feel like I have grown so much since I first started. Are you Self-published/ Indie or both?

I’m an Indie Author, doing things my way. Sometimes I mess up and I learn from that. My fans and friends (Some authors, some not) are helping me out a lot. What time of day is your favorite to write?

Early in the morning. I like treating it like a 9-5 but I fell off track when the holidays came and I haven’t gotten back on track yet. Now I mostly write for two hours in the afternoon but I do sprints a lot on my phone, 30 minutes here, 10 minutes there. Anything to get the stories done.

Do you have a muse? If so, does your muse have a name?

My muse and my vice goes by the name Netflix. I watch a lot of movies and shows. This really helps with my storytelling process. People tell me they can see my stories as movies or that I describe things very well and I feel I do that because I picture them as movies and play them out like movies. Chapters are just one big scene in my head. So things like Z Nation, Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Night Of The Living Deb, Day Of The Dead, those are my muses. Who is the author that inspired you the most?

Status wise, it would be Stephen King. I want to have that type of status where people think of horror or a genre and think of me. Career wise J.K Rowling because she took her dream and turned it into a Multi-billion dollar fantasy franchise. Harry Potter went from a rejected story to hit movies, a theme park, merchandise. She is the Oprah of the Literary industry. But as far as who got me writing, it was Bobby Adair. I read his Slow Burn series. The first 3 books had me addicted and then I just thought, I wanna write something like this. Something that will bring joy even to someone who isn’t a big reader. What types of books do you like to read in your free time?

I like to listen to books, so I do a lot of audios. I listen to my genre because that’s the job but I still enjoy it, I think if I ever get to a point where I’m not happy Reading a horror book then that should be the day I step away from the genre and try a new one. What is your favorite book?

Slow Burn book 1 hands down...that and Follow You Home. Those books took over my life. What is your favorite film?

This is so hard, I think it’s always changing. with so many amazing things come out. I’m gonna stay with horror and give you my top five * Day of The Dead * Train to Busain * The Lost Boys * Get Out

* Mayham Do you feel like interest is growing for paranormal/horror/speculative works by and about POCs?

I feel the entertainment industry is really changing and it all started with Get Out. Jordan Peele showed Hollywood and the world that people of color can create and star in blockbuster level thrillers.

I feel people are now wanting to see more. POC have been wanting things like Black Panther and Get Out since forever but now the rest of the world is wanting it too, because it’s different and that’s shocking and entertaining, that is powerful. Being different is the Ultimate superpower.

Hollywood comes knocking on your door and would like to make a film of one of your works. They give you the authority to cast the Protagonist and the Supporting Character. Which book do you select and which characters do you select and why?

Planet Dead! I have the whole cast already picked out. I would want Planet Dead because it showcases a strong woman of color. Catherine is my Wonder Woman, this epic badass, out to save her world. I feel we need more women like that on the big screen.

Catherine played by: Gugu Mbatha-Raw Sue played by: Jennifer Stone Who are your favorite authors? Stephen King, Bobby Adair, Mark Tufo Do you write to music? If so, what artists and styles?

I make soundtracks for all my projects. Mostly there’s a lot of rap and rock. Some of the key artist you’re gonna hear if your in my office are: Halsey Snow Tha Product Nickelback Halestorm The Weekend

If you could be any type of supernatural creature what would you be?

I would love to be a Vampire. I’m a morning person but I can’t pass up the chance to live forever. I would most likely rob blood banks or kill two birds with one stone and become a superhero and just eat bad guys.

Tell us about your next project/s:

Keep an eye out for the Planet Dead tie ins, they’re gonna be .99 Cents but The Realm is gonna be a trilogy that should be out the end of summer or early fall. After those, I've got some Anthology plans and I wanna do an Urban Fantasy mystery series.

* * * * *

Colors in Darkness would like to send a huge Thank You out to Mr. Barzey for agreeing to do this interview! If you would like to keep abreast of his works and musings, Like and Follow the links below!

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